How to Prepare a Speech Presentation

Every motivational speaker needs to prepare for a speech presentation. It helps to prevent predicaments and awkward situations like dead air, forgetting your speech or offending an audience. Speech preparation is also the best way to overcome nervousness and public speaking jitters.

This speech preparation guideline will help a motivational speaker prepare a good speech that is likely to receive a positive response from the audience. It will also help you come up with a strong and substantial speech and a good grasp on the topic. Here are some tips and suggestions to get you started in preparing for a speech presentation.

Motivational speakerCome up with a speech topic. This may seem like an easy step but it’s not. There are thousands of topics to talk about but you have to consider which topic is the right one for your audience. You have to determine which topic will have a strong impact on your listeners. Remember that your topic will lead to the core message or main idea of your speech so you have to be very careful in choosing one. Consider the interests of your audience and your passion. From there, draw out which topic interests both you and the audience.

After choosing a topic, start researching. Researching will help you come up with strong arguments and evidences that will back up your speech. Research on situations and events that you can use as an example to help you connect with your audience. Look for supporting details that will help drive your insights and pointers to the audience.

Write an outline. This will help you organize your speech. It will serve as the structure or foundation of your speech. Writing an outline will help you come up with a more fluid and planned speech. It also prevents holes and mistakes in your presentation and your arguments are clearer and straight to the point.

Prepare visual aids for your presentation. You can use charts, tables, images and videos to help strength your arguments. Visual aids help the audience to remember your speech more. Use it to help your audience create visual images and symbols that will remind them of your speech.

Consider writing speech notes. Speech notes are written in notecards and help you remember your speech in case you forget something. Write the important notes and details of your speech in an organized manner. Be specific in writing your speech notes and also add cues for jokes, situational examples or visual aid presentation.

Once your speech is written and your visual aids are prepared, start practicing. Stand in front of a mirror and practice gestures, movements and facial expressions. Familiarize yourself with the speech and record it. Listen to your voice and note how it sounds and projects. Give yourself a critique and improve your technique.

Then, take a video camera and record your speech. Act as if you were delivering the speech in front of a live audience. Use your visuals and minimize looking at your speech notes. Afterwards, look at the video and observe your movements and delivery of the speech. Show it to your peers and family and ask for an honest review of your presentation. Ask them to critique your speech, its content and organization. Ask them to comment on your movement, gestures and voice projection. Ask if the visual aids are effective and not distracting.

It’s not easy being a motivational speaker. You have to learn to be organized and prepared. You also need to have good public speaking skills and you must be capable of writing a good speech. Lastly, one important thing you should never forget as a motivational speaker is to practice and practice.

Common Safety Concerns Regarding ID Lanyards

ID lanyards are thin pieces of cord or rope that can be worn around your neck similar to how you would wear a typical necklace. Often, aside from holding ID cards, lanyards are also fitted with special clips and rings to hold a wide array of small valuables and trinkets. The lanyard attachments come in a wide variety of styles that enable them to support anything from a set of keys or a flash drive to a small water bottle or mobile phone.

Due to their functionality both as an identification tool and as an organization tool, many schools are actually requiring their students and faculty to wear ID lanyards within the school grounds. Likewise, business establishments also require their employees to wear lanyards for similar reasons. Nevertheless, despite being a tool that effectively provides an extra layer of security for both students and employees, lanyards also have the potential of threatening the safety and welfare of the wearers.

ID lanyardsThankfully, many of the attachments and buckles on most customized lanyards today actually have safety measures in place. These specially designed clips address the most common safety concerns that come with wearing a lanyard. However, even if suppliers have taken this precautionary measure, it is still best if you make sure that you are an informed customer and avoid any situations or places that could compromise your safety.

Compared to a thin chain necklace, lanyards are composed of a much sturdier and thicker material. Although, their sturdiness is usually seen as an asset, since lanyards are specially designed to hang around your neck, one of the most common safety concerns regarding their use is the potential of being used as a strangulation device.

For this reason, most suppliers equip their ID lanyards with safety clips that will allow you to quickly release the lanyard and separate it from your neck. In cases where you get caught on a moving device that could potentially compromise your safety, you can simply click on the attachment to free yourself.

However, it should be noted that most of these safety clips only release upon intervention. Therefore, you should be particularly vigilant and keep your wits about you in order to save yourself if ever you find yourself in such dangerous situations.

For people who are working in an environment that exposes them to machines or moving devices such as escalators on a daily basis, it is better if they make use of specially designed breakaway clips on their ID lanyards instead. A certain tension threshold is set for these special clips. Therefore, if the lanyard ever gets caught in a fast moving device, the breakaway clip will automatically release its wearer without requiring manual assistance. Regardless of your position, as long as the threshold is met, it will break open. For business establishments that have strict rules regarding health and safety, this type of lanyard attachment is the style of choice.

However, it should still be noted that the position of the breakaway clip on the ID lanyard itself will still affect how easily it can be released. If it is positioned near the swivel hook on the lanyard, only a small amount of tension will be required to release it. Otherwise, if the breakaway clip is placed at the part of the lanyard that sits at the back of the neck, a greater amount of tension will be required before it releases automatically.

Finally, though the primary purpose of ID lanyards is to serve as identification tools, some individuals might feel that broadcasting their personal details is a threat to their privacy. After all, some of the strangers who look at their lanyards could use that personal information with less than noble intentions.

For this reason, it is recommended that unless you are safe within school or office grounds or otherwise travelling with a group, you should not display your personal details to random by-standers. After all, though lanyards do function to make your life easier, it is still your responsibility to ensure your own safety while you are wearing them.

The Economics of Using Digital Media Signage

Digital media signage is rapidly replacing the use of traditional, paper-based media in many aspects. Perhaps foremost of these is in marketing and business. There are many reasons for this change, but as in many cases, it is economics that has driven it to its state today.

Less Cost

Traditional media refers to paper-based signage, such as flyers, billboards, and tarpaulins. These require certain costs to be set aside for design, production, printing, etc. Once you have the paper signage themselves, you need to find a means by which you could spread it to potential consumers. You could hire personnel to hand out the flyers and talk about your business when asked. You could also rent or lease ad spaces on road sides or subways to display your billboards or tarpaulin streamers. Other traditional signage includes advertising on print media, such as newspapers and magazines.

In the past, such actions were pretty effective. People read newspapers and magazines regularly, and flyers and billboards were the norm.

Media SignageToday, however, print magazines and newspapers are less favored as compared to their web-based counterparts. Too many advertisements line the streets and people tend to block them off. They are already desensitized to these advertising messages. Others wouldn’t accept flyers because they are either in a hurry or believe that flyers are a waste of the earth’s natural resources. Some people get flyers and throw them away without even sparing a glance.

Digital media, on the other hand, seems a lot more economical. Your primary costs would be for the software that would create your media signage, and perhaps a contract for ad space on the web or digital billboards. Having that software means that you could create a lot of signage even in the future for a single cost. You could also use the media you created within your business establishment. You no longer have to spend on additional personnel just for releasing flyers. You could let them concentrate on more essential tasks, like customer service or item production. Lastly, digital media stays digital. It could go directly from production to distribution without the high costs associated with reproduction.

Greater Reach

Digital media signage has greater reach than traditional paper media primarily because you’re not really limited by geographical barriers in the virtual world. Having an ad on the web could allow you to market your product both in your country and to the international community.

Another factor that contributes to greater reach is the fact that most people spend a majority of their time in the virtual world. Their eyes are glued to the screen, constantly flicking between sites and programs, and seeing various amounts of information at any given time. Having a constant audience could ensure that your ads and messages would be more likely seen and understood rather than giving out flyers that end up straight into a trash bin.

Having greater reach is important because this means you’re more likely to get your messages across to your target market. Traditional media cannot compare with digital media in this aspect at all.


Obviously, digital media is a lot more attractive than traditional paper media. Why? It’s dynamic. Digital media moves. There’s a feeling of youth and life in them that were quite lacking in the signage of old.

Dynamism, variety, and action are all things your eyes are naturally drawn to. Human eyes can easily bypass still images and texts because these are tagged as irrelevant. On the other hand, if there is movement, the eyes focus on it before making a decision on its relevance. Within that given time, you could have had the chance to influence your viewers positively.

All in all, it would be nice to invest in digital media signage as it is a more economical marketing strategy than traditional print media. It costs less, it has a greater reach, and is a lot more eye-catching than the signage of the past.

Designing Custom Lapel Pins Properly: 4 Tips to Remember

The way you design your custom lapel pins will determine how commemorative and attractive they will be once printed. It is important to remember that, even with the best tools and techniques, a bland design will always result in a bland pin. Thus, you need to take a few extra steps in the designing process to come off with something truly great. Here are some of them.

Start With an Idea

All of the best custom lapel pins in the market all started as a mere idea in their designer’s head. Try to make the pin revolve around a certain theme, event, organization or business brand to give it some sort of central message. The key here is to make the details on the pin relate to that central theme; not veer away from it. Also, make the design as simple yet meaningful as possible. After all, a simple design has a better chance of relaying your intended message effectively than a cluttered one.

Choose the Right Material

Apart from the design, you ought to take a look at what materials the pin store is offering to you to print your design on. In essence, you should match the material with your design and its intended purposes. For designs that are simplistic and used for promotional purposes, you ought to avail of soft enamel or photo-etched pin services due to their ability to recreate the design for a very small price.

custom lapel pinsFor more commemorative and intricate designs, it is best to pick harder materials like die-cast and cloisonné as they can accurately capture the message of the design. Plus, they are quite durable which means that the colors of the pin will last for quite a long time.

Personalize It

Obviously, the main feature of custom lapel pins is their high level of customizability. At a pin store, you are given various materials and add-ons that will make your pin stand out from the crowd. Nifty little features like spinning logos, glossy surfaces and even neon paint are inexpensive add-ons that will make the pin stand out more once it is worn.

Despite all these features, it is important that you never detract from the pin’s core message. This is most true if the pin represents an organization, an advocacy or an ideology. Make sure that the customizations you make do enhance the message it conveys.

Size Will Matter

If you truly want custom lapel pins to stand out, it is best to pick a larger pin size. The reasoning behind this is that a bigger size equals to a bigger space which means more details can be added on to the pin. Also, a larger pin size will make it more noticeable. If you plan to go big with your pin, try looking for a stronger support at its back so it does not droop down once attached. As with all other memorabilia, the size of a pin will have its limits. As such, the optimum size range for all kinds of pins will be at 2 inches to 3 and ½ inches.

Mind the Glitter

Adding a glittering or glossy finish to your custom lapel pins is a surefire way of making them all the more memorable. With a glittering finish, the pin tends to sparkle on the onlooker’s eyes whenever you or it moves. The only downside to this is that the pin’s details and icons might no longer be noticed if the sparkles are a bit too bright. Thus, it is best to limit the glitter and gloss in your pin. This way, anyone can see what the pin is saying without getting distracted by bright flashes.

Should I Get a Misting Fan or an Air Conditioner?

When looking for ways to cool down your bedroom, workplace, and any other room in a building, air conditioners are often the first appliances that come into your mind. Air conditioners can cool a room down almost instantly at the cost of higher electric bills. Although air conditioners are pretty efficient in removing heat, depending on where you live, a misting fan could do what an air conditioner does just as well and at a lesser cost in terms of electric consumption. Air conditioners depend on vapor compression, which is a cooling mechanism done by refrigerators. Misting fans on the other hand only make use of evaporative air-cooling.

misting fansIf you live in a dry, hot place, perhaps getting a misting fan is more beneficial because it cools the air by circulating almost microscopic water droplets around your room and letting them evaporate. This helps humidify your room. On the other hand, if you already live in a country that has a tropical climate, you may want to stick with air conditioning.

A misting fan will definitely cost much less than an air conditioning system. It has much lesser components and often does not require holes or vents to work. It also will definitely spend less electricity because it does not use vapor compression, which takes up a lot of power. A misting fan is basically an electric fan with really small jets of almost microscopic water droplets around them. If you’re on a budget, getting a misting fan instead of an AC is a good idea.

Air conditioning definitely takes the lead in terms of cooling power. Air conditioners pretty much turn your room into a large refrigerator. Its powerful compressor circulates a liquid refrigerant to absorb and remove heat from your room and puts it outside. Air conditioners will cool your room down regardless of the humidity and current temperature.

Misting fans are definitely be more environmentally friendly than air conditioners. A lot of air conditioners still use HCFC refrigerants that deplete the ozone layer. While HCFCs are being phased out and replaced by ozone-friendly HFCs, the ozone-friendly counterparts are less efficient and will use more power. The misting fan just uses water as its main coolant. That’s as environmentally friendly as you can get.

If you’re looking for something easy to install, get a misting fan. Unless the space to be cooled is air-conditioner ready, you’d still have to create holes in that space. It would also need its own socket because air conditioners demand a large amount of current that could overheat a lot of voltage regulators and extension cords not fit for the job. A Misting fan is relatively light on electricity depending on the size.

In terms of size, they are more or less equal. In a small room, you can get away with a smaller misting fan but as the room gets larger the size of the misting fan exponentially increases to blow the air around properly. This can be quite a nuisance because being beefed-up electric fans by nature, misting fans are hard to ignore when distributed in a large room. Air conditioners have more limited sizes and can be a bit too large for a small bedroom but in large spaces they’re less intrusive. You can put a lot of them around and they won’t really bother anyone since they don’t have to blow air around as hard a misting fan does.

The noise of either appliance will depend on their size. The noise emitted by air conditioners doesn’t vary much by size and can easily blend in the background as low frequency hums. Misting fans, on the other hand, will vary greatly by size. Larger motors in fans will naturally emit more noise.

Misting fans and air conditioners have their advantages and disadvantages, so take advantage of your current environment and choose the appliance that best suits your needs.

TaylorMade Golf: Driving Forward Since 1979

Back in the 70’s, a salesman named Gary Taylormade golfAdams had a realization: golf balls are improving, but the things that are used to hit them off the tee are not. Wood has always been the material of choice for drivers prior to his innovation in 1979. While wood was a great choice for hitting off the tee, Adams had always seen it as slow compared to how golf ball technology was advancing. This led him to the realization that the wooden driver needed to improve in order to keep up. This article talks about Taylormade golf, its origins, and how they are still one of the leaders as far as golf products are concerned.

What is Taylormade Golf?

Taylormade golf is a manufacturer of golf clubs, balls, bags, and golf accessories currently based in Carlsbad, California. It’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adidas group, and has been making golf clubs since 1979. Today, Taylormade is seen as the global leader in golf equipment, especially with drivers. A lot of statistics show that Taylormade golf drivers are favoured by more PGA players than other golf clubs combined. This stems from the fact that there are more PGA staff professionals working with TaylorMade than any other company.

History of TaylorMade Golf:

TaylorMade started off as an idea by Gary Adams. As a player, he has seen great improvements in the golf ball over the past few years of him being in the game. Distances have improved thanks to technologies like dimpling and the core of the ball itself. However, he felt that there was another way golfers could improve their scores apart from using the new and improved golf balls. He started looking at how the balls left the tee, especially what people were hitting it with: the wooden woods. Seeing the improvement he can make with what we know today as the driver, Adams went out and got a $24,000 loan, leased a 6,000-square-foot television assembly plant in McHenry, Illinois and started working on his invention: the metalwood, a driver made of metal. He applied the innovation of perimeter weighting seen in golf irons to his drivers, and has since become the biggest thing in golf. As the son of a professional golfer, he wanted to make sure that his clubs had the authentic feel and look of the wooden drivers that were still the popular choice for golfers of that time.

Taylormade golf was independently owned until 1984, when Salmons S.A. acquired the company. TaylorMade saw the advantage of having international ties with Salmons, which is why they agreed to the sale. It would only last until 1997, when the Adidas group would complete their purchase of Taylormade golf. In 2005, they became the top driver used in golf, after Adidas refocused all the company’s attention on making drivers, the product that started it all.

Today, Taylormade manufactures drivers, fairway woods, hybrids (which they call rescues), irons, wedges, and golf balls. They also market other golf accessories such as golf bags. Taylormade also makes putters which were previously marketed under the Rossa brand until 2010.

Taylormade Products:

As of today, Taylormade boasts the following product line:

  • Drivers
    • JetSpeed
    • SLDR
    • R1
    • RocketBallz Stage 2
  • Fairway Woods
    • JetSpeed
    • SLDR
    • RocketBallz Stage 2
  • Rescues (commonly known as hybrids)
    • JetSpeed
    • SLDR
    • RocketBallz Stage 2
  • Irons
    • Speedblade
    • Tour Preferred
    • RocketBladez
    • RocketBallz
  • Wedges
    • Tour Preferred
    • ATV
    • Speedblade
    • RocketBladez
  • Putters (formerly under Rossa)
    • Ghost Spider Si
    • Daddy Long Legs
    • Spider Blade
    • Ghost Tour Series
    • Spider Mallet
    • Ghost Spider S
    • White Smoke
  • Golf Balls
    • Project (a)
    • Tour Preferred
    • My Number
    • RocketBallz
    • Burner
    • Noodle
  • Accessories
    • Apparel
    • Golf bags
    • Carts
    • Stand

With this much to offer from one golf company, TaylorMade can really stake its claim as one of, if not the biggest golf manufacturer in the country.

Boost Your Online Store’s Web Presence through Live Chat Support

Because of the rising popularity of social media and the continuing advancements of the Internet world, customers already tend to demand more and forgive less than before. The potential customers have grown to be chatting savvy. With this, they generally forget about the websites having the static appearance and feel. This is actually the primary motivator that constrains the merchants to make their business websites more attractive and interactive. Even though a website with great content and wonderful photos is probably going to bring in more visitors, online business owners need to take another step in order to transform these visitors into real buyers. Hence, live chat support has become popular.

live chat supportTo accomplish a web-based purchase process, the customers of the new era would like to communicate with an actual person in a fast and hassle-free manner. This is how the web entrepreneurs feel the need to apply the finest live chat service on their eCommerce sites. Enumerated below are the ways about how this live chat support service has served a crucial part in turning a seemingly robotic business site into more synergistic ones for the customers.

1. It provides fast assistance to the customers.

At present, the world has really become fast moving with all the advancements in the technology. Because of this, the shoppers have already opted to make a purchase from companies on the internet that offer assistance to their potential customers without making them wait on hold for too long. By applying a live chat support on a website, it becomes easy for representatives to provide answers and assistance to their online shoppers right then and there via a pop up window. Receiving speedy assistance enhances the online shopping experience of the customers. With this, they have really great things to share about the online services of the business.

2. It establishes private conversation.

People have become keener on using social networking sites these days, which also made them more chat savvy than ever before. In order to transact online, customers would usually wish to have a private conversation with a real person. By implementing a live chat support on an eCommerce website, the agents can create a quick one-to-one chat with online shoppers. With this, the online business is able to establish interaction on the website.

3. It offers personalized assistance to the customers.

Live chat software includes a real time tracking feature, which enables the chat agents to monitor what the visitors are doing on the website. This amazing monitoring function of live chat software makes it possible for the chat agents to have an idea about the webpage a certain guest has originated from, the amount of time a guest has been on the site, the length of time the visitor has spent on a specific page of the site, and the possible reason why other pages have been ignored. With all of these details, the merchants have become knowledgeable enough to offer more valuable, appropriate, and individualized assistance to the online shoppers. Getting appropriate help at the perfect time turns a lot more website visitors into genuine buyers.

4. It creates a lively atmosphere.

The existence of a live chat button encourages the prospective customers to have a chat conversation with the operators. Commonly, the online chat representatives are proactive in sending chat invitations to each and every person who browses the website. By being proactive, the business owners are able to make the potential customers more likely to feel welcome because someone is present to give them assistance in the online store.

5. It boosts website presence.

Live chat support is a feature that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this round the clock availability, the software is able to help the merchants to enhance the presence of the website. As a result, the merchants are more likely to generate as many shoppers as they possibly can. Staying accessible makes them be a little more recognizable among the website visitors.

Author Bio:

ApexChat provides live chat support and service that helps online businesses turn valuable advertising clicks into customers.

The Fundamentals of SEO and SEO Companies

People nowadays are starting to rely more and more on the services that an SEO company can provide. There are plenty of them out there to choose from. The market is basically teeming with so many options that it can be very easy for people to get lost in translation and in the process make the wrong decision.

The internet SEO Companyhas not changed the landscape of business. It has opened up an entirely new frontier. Cyberspace is that new frontier. To harness it properly, entrepreneurs need to understand how search engine works and for that to happen, they must get an idea of what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.

Learning and understanding the principles behind SEO and an SEO company might seem daunting if not outright impossible, especially for those who have a difficult time grasping information technology.  The truth is a lot simpler than that. All a person needs to understand these things is the willingness to learn and devote time to that very learning experience.

What is SEO?

Before talking about SEO, a brief discussion on search engines is necessary. Search engines are the tools people use to find websites online, take for example Google. When a person types something in the query field Google comes up with a list of results.

The results page is divided into three portions. The first portion at the top and the one secluded at the right are known as paid search engine marketing (SEM). To put it simply, the websites that appear on this portion of the results page pay Google to be there. The remaining results, the ones most people rely on, on the other hand are not paid for, but are ranked by Google based on certain criteria.

SEO is a practice that has an impact on the visibility of a web page or website. This practice only applies to the organic, otherwise referred to as the natural or unpaid, search listings that pop up on a search engine. The basic idea behind SEO is to optimize the website or web page in order to come out on top of a search engine’s ranking list thereby providing exposure without having to pay for any sort of expenses.

So what is an SEO company?

It is basically a company that specializes in optimizing websites or web pages. At a fundamental level, hiring a company that specializes in SEO optimization is basically a form of outsourcing.

Most of these companies can be found in countries that have a high literacy and education level, but low labor costs, at least in comparison with the home country of those looking for an SEO service.

India for example is a country that has a high literacy rate with a lot people who have a good grasp of the English language. Labor costs in India are a lot cheaper than in places such as the United States or some European country.

The Philippines is a rising contender as the country is well known for its history of being occupied by the United States. Its education system is heavily based on the English language. The fact that it is the new call center capital of the world indicates just how well versed Filipinos are with the English language and how most are now flocking to it for their outsourcing needs.

Is it a good idea to outsource SEO tasks?

This all depends on the entity outsourcing the task, but the general response would have to be in the affirmative.

Companies that specialize in SEO work are companies that have a good grasp of SEO algorithms. They also have staff members who are well trained, educated, and possess the necessary experience to come up with good results.

The costs of having to train employees to specialize in this sort of task are cost prohibitive. It is for these reasons that a lot of enterprises or individuals rely on the services of an SEO company. High Quality SEO Company

Elements of a Fully Optimized Website (With SEO in Focus)

For those who are still beginners in SEO Elementsthe industry of e-commerce and online marketing, one thing will become easily apparent: SEO is very important.  Businesses that will be put up will need a website to act as its face and tool for earning. However, tough levels of competition dictate now that such sites are made fully optimized. Search engine optimization concepts of making sites visible and totally compliant to current SEO ethical practice policies have evolved much through these years. It means that even if there is already a website that was created for a business or company years ago, there is a need to check if it is still optimized according to new guidelines.

The best way to look at it is to learn what elements really make a website fully optimized at the current times. Of course, we are talking about SEO elements here. When this is the case, the following should be seriously considered by those who are planning to develop a new website or upgrade an already operational one:

  • Content: A web based site’s content is indexed by search engines so that when people search for it, the whole site would appear on the SERPs. Content must be “indexable” or visible to the search engine that one is optimizing for. The information should be in form of text. Images should have a text equivalent that must be placed on the HTML box of the web page.  Earlier, presence of keywords made the content relevant and high-value. These days, the Google Hummingbird redefines valuable content by requiring the info on websites to be actually teaching people something or really address questions as presented by web surfers. To make sure that the content on a webpage is actually visible to search engines, there are tools that can be used to check it. Some very good examples include “” and the “MozBar”.
  • Keywords: While it was mentioned above that keywords are no longer Google’s priority in determining the value of website content, it is still a useful element of a website. Keywords aid in getting a website indexed in online directories and search engine databases. Keywords are actually more like keyword phrases now. These are needed in order for a webpage or a website to be found in searches and be considered for ranking. There are of course rules about the use of keywords. As an example, keywords must be present in acceptable percentages across the website or a specific web page. This is called as keyword density. There are also rules that state that keywords should be indicated on the URL, outgoing links, and on the Meta tags. On-page optimization tactics cover the kind and number of keywords that must be used in a page or site.
  • Title Tag: This is actually a brief description of a website. It is very important when the site is being submitted for indexing.  To be fully optimized, the title tag must have the required length (up to 75 characters), keywords, and mode of delivering an emotional impact to the readers. Current acceptable SEO practices indicate that it is a good thing to include brand or business name in the title tag of any website. Many of those who followed best practices with regards to the use of optimized title tags have reported easy indexing on directories of search engines.
  • Meta Tag: This is also used to deliver a brief description of the content of a website. The main difference here is that this type of tag is the one used by search engines when crawling for information being searched by web surfers. There is no prescribed length for the content that could be placed in the Meta tag. However, recent search engine practices reveal that they favor most those tags that have a maximum of 165 characters.
  • URL: This can be compared to the address that an individual puts in a letter. It is used to actually locate the website. To be fully optimized, the site URL must be constructed in such a way that readers will readily have an idea as to what can be found in the site. Static versions of URLs will be more SEO-friendly. Keyword use on URL addresses is allowed but could be a risky thing.

There are still many elements that make up a fully optimized online site. A website owner must be wise enough to research for updates regarding it from time to time. Hiring a provider of SEO services when it comes to needs connected to this will be a wise move.